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When is the best time to fly to India?

Peak season

While India is a large and climactically varied country, the peak tourist period is generally during the cool “dry” season from November through to March. Temperatures are much more bearable throughout Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra, while conditions are perfect for the beaches of Goa. The peak trekking season throughout the Indian Himalaya is during August and September when crowds can be found on most of the trails but temperatures are warm and the skies relatively dry.

Off season

The off season for most of the country coincides with the monsoon or “wet” season that breaks across the Subcontinent from late April. High temperatures and humidity are uncomfortable and regular downpours can be expected. In some low lying regions flooding can be a serious problem, disrupting transport and causing landslides. This normally passes through by the end of September, except in the south of Kerala where rain persists into October and November.

When is the best time to book a flight to India?

The best deals on flights to India can be found by booking as early as possible, particularly if you are visiting during the Christmas/New Year period that coincides with the peak “dry” season in the country. The cheapest flights to India are found during the “wet” monsoon season, when far fewer tourists are visiting.

How long is the flight to India?

Flights from Auckland to India ­ 16h 50m

Flights from Christchurch to India ­ 17h 15m

From other New Zealand destinations, the best deals and most direct routes for flights to India are connecting through either Auckland or Christchurch first.

Which airlines operate to India?

There are daily flights to India from Auckland with Malaysia airlines which travel through Kuala Lumpur and land in Mumbai, but the cheapest flights to India from Auckland is with Air New Zealand, connecting in Singapore with Singapore Airlines. You can also fly from Auckland to New Delhi with either Qantas or Virgin, connecting in one of Australia’s East Coast cities. From Christchurch, the most direct flight to India is via Singapore with Singapore Airlines, although cheaper flights can be found with routes that include two connections.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

All the major airports in India are served by local bus routes that will either transport you directly into the city centre or to a railway station to connect by train. While this is a cheap option, both buses and trains can get very crowded and you need to keep an eye on your luggage at all times. 

Some airports, such as Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, are serviced by an air train. This is a fast and efficient option if you are arriving in the capital and it takes 25 minutes between the airport and the city centre. 

The easiest way to get from most of India’s airports into the city centre or your hotel is by taxi. They are relatively cheap to use and you can purchase prepaid tickets instead of using the meter so you won’t have any disputes with drivers over the fare.

India insider information

  • India is the world’s largest tea exporter, with Assam and Darjeeling two of the most impressive destinations to sample tea amidst their rolling plantations. Here are our picks for the top 7 places to enjoy a cup of tea around the world.
  • The Rock Garden of Chandigarh is one of India’s most unique natural spaces, designed using cast off pieces of industrial and home waste, collected from demolition sites across the region. Read more about the most unusual gardens around the world.
  • Once you’ve witnessed the real Taj Mahal in Agra you can hop across the border to Bangladesh where a lavish replica can be found just outside of the capital, Dhaka. Rumour has it that Dubai is also planning to build their very own Taj Mahal, albeit 4 times the size of the Indian original! And the list of famous landmark replicas around the world goes on.

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Bottle of beer (imported beer)
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