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When is the best time to fly?

Reus is very much a summer destination, so expect big crowds and expensive prices for accommodation and flights to Reus between June and September. However, an Easter break can still bring great temperatures, lively cultural events and a chance to visit Barcelona free from the bustle and stress of high-season. Book cheap flights to Reus in March or April for the ideal sight-seeing conditions and you can get cheaper flights to Reus.

Fiesta of San Pere is Reus’s main fiesta celebration that takes places over the summer months of June. Visitors and locals can enjoy a mixture of entertainment including magic shows, parades and concerts. Ensure that you plan your holiday when visiting Reus during fiestas, expect banks and shops to be generally shut so double checking public holidays and fiesta dates in Reus with your flight plans is advisable before you travel.

Why visit?

Reus is ideally placed on Catalonia's sparkling coast, near the charming port city of Tarragona and close to Barcelona, one of Europe's most exciting and historic city break destinations.

Book a cheap flight to Reus and visit an ancient community which rose to fame for the quality of its local brandy. Today, it may be more famous for being the birthplace of Antonio Gaudi, one of the world's most famous architects, who designed some of Barcelona's most fascinating and wonderful buildings. Gaudi is a significant reason people visit Reus, as it provides the perfect opportunity to learn more about the town's most famous son at the Gaudi Centre, located in the center of town.

The architectural delights do not end there though, as the city is dotted with gorgeous creations, some of them by Gaudi himself. Take a walking tour through the winding streets past beautiful constructions like Casa Navas and the Institut Pere Mata (by another great Spanish architect, Montaner), or the baroque splendour of the Bofarull Palace.

This feast for the eyes can then be accompanied by outdoor enjoyment. Reus has some excellent golf courses in its locality, a world-class climbing gym, a bowling alley and, most of all, the pure white beaches of the Costa Dorada. Most people who visit Reus will want to balance sight-seeing with relaxing on some of Spain's finest beaches.

Costa Dorada which means "golden coast" - and the beaches near town will not disappoint. Neither will gorgeous coastal fishing ports like Sitges, which also hosts one of Europe's most raucous carnivals. But the festivals in towns like Reus occur all year round, and something will always be catching your eye as you explore the city streets.

For nightlife, Barcelona beckons, while even closer to Reus, Tarragona boasts one of the best-preserved ancient Roman cities in Iberia, as well as some of Catalonia's finest tapas bars.

Getting around Reus

Reus is small enough to make walking one the best way to see the city centre. More adventurous travellers could rent a bike, and it is only an hour or so by bicycle to the coast. Car rental is a good option for anyone wanting to visit Barcelona.

Getting to the city

If you are taking a flight to Reus, the city airport is only around 10 minutes by car from the town centre, and taxis will be lined up and ready to go when every plane arrives. Remember to check the fare before leaving, but generally, taking a cab will be a cheap and easy option. You can also rent cars at the airport, but be sure to book in advance to minimise any travel stress. Alternatively, look out for the bright yellow city buses.

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