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Where are the most popular flight destinations in Caribbean?

According to our users, the most popular flight destination in Caribbean is Cuba, followed by Jamaica, Dominican Republic, The Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago.

What is the best way to travel around the Caribbean?

Much of the Caribbean is surrounded by water, making it a continent with many beaches. To travel between the countries, compare flights to the Caribbean that may include anything from a cruise package to island hopping between the larger ports. You will find that urban cities make use of standard forms of transportation as well as more adventurous ones. In Jamaica, taxis are advised to get around locally. In the Bahamas, however, the water taxis and the local buses, known as jitneys, are popular. In Haiti you can try the famous tap-tap taxis or the motorskilets . Car hire is a good suggestion for all urban areas in the Caribbean with yacht cruises, ferries and taxis also being recommended.

What are some things to do in the Caribbean?

Searching for Caribbean flight deals you can find many countries to explore with many different cultures. If you're heading to Jamaica, you'll find the Bob Marley House, Trench Town Culture Yard and the Emancipation Park which are great cultural sights. Visit the Blue Mountains and enjoy beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls. In the Bahamas you will be surrounded by modern resorts as well as cultural sights. With 700 small islands, it is the ideal Caribbean spot for island-hopping; such as Pig Island to visit the feral, but friendly pigs that swim in the sea to greet you. In Haiti, you can see the mountaintop fortress of Citadelle la Ferrière, the ruins of Sans-Souci Palace or enjoy miles of unspoilt beaches, despite it being one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations.

How long is the flight to the Caribbean?

When you book flights to the Caribbean you will find a wide variety of times, depending on which country you’re visiting, but most involve two or three stops. From Auckland Airport to Norman Manley Airport in Kingston, Jamaica you may average 35h flying time with two stops. Many cheap flights to the Caribbean are much longer so book in advance for shorter trips. Flying to Nassau Airport in the Bahamas from Auckland Airport will average just under 40h with three stops, and if you would like to travel from Christchurch Airport in New Zealand to Port-au-Prince Airport in Haiti, you can expect to travel for an average of just under 45h.

What do I need to do before my flight to the Caribbean?

When planning your flight to the Caribbean you will be relieved that New Zealand citizens do not require a visa. Being a hot climate means mosquitoes so make sure you pack repellent, sunscreen and appropriate clothing. December to February has the least rainfall in the Caribbean and is considered a good time for flying to the Caribbean. Some of the countries are considered to have high crime rates so be careful with your personal belongings. American dollars are widely accepted and English is understood but it’s always good to brush up on a few local expressions.

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