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Which day is cheapest to fly to Algeria?

The cheapest day to fly to Algeria is usually Thursday. At the moment, Friday is the most expensive.

What time of day is cheapest to fly to Algeria?

To get the best value, try booking a flight at midday when visiting Algeria. Generally the prices will increase for flights in the afternoon as these tend to have higher demand.

How long is the flight to Algeria?

Flights to Algeria take between 44-50h from New Zealand to Algiers, Algeria. You can get a plane to Algeria to New Zealand from either Auckland International Airport (AKL) or Christchurch City only. These are the only two cities in New Zealand that serve passengers to Algeria, with most of the flights following a single route that involves making three stops in Los Angeles (LAX), Paris, Casablanca in Morocco, and Algiers Houari Boumediene (ALG) in Algeria. Algeria flight deals depend on the time you want to take to travel. Cheap flights to Algeria usually take many hours, although they charge nearly the same as other flights.

Where can you get direct flights to Algeria?

Unfortunately, there are not currently any routes serving Algeria directly from New Zealand. However, you'll find affordable flights by Air New Zealand and Air France that will ferry you to Algeria, making three stops along the way. It'll be an excellent opportunity to view the Los Angeles, Paris, Casablanca and Algiers skylines as you pass through these cities.

What is the best way to travel around Algeria?

Air Algerie is the major airline operator in Algeria and facilitates air movement from Algiers to other parts of Algeria. Some of the central business centres serviced by the airline include Annaba, Constantine and Oran. It'll also be practical to use aeroplanes when moving to Algeria's southern side due to sand storms, especially during the summer. You can use the road if you have a strong will. The distance between cities is enormous. Driving alone in the desert is not allowed for security reasons. However, you can get a permit for the same if you have a four-wheel-drive car. Hiring a taxi is recommended for security reasons. It’s the recommended form of transportation from the hotel to the various tourist destinations. Most licensed taxis allow taxi sharing, especially when venturing into the heart of the city. A bus is another logical form of transport, especially when connecting distant towns and cities. The fares are affordable compared to a taxi, especially if you are travelling a long distance.

What are some things to do in Algeria?

You'll have loads of fun visiting Algiers, the capital of Algeria. The sea town has fantastic beaches where you can enjoy swimming and boat riding. Oran, another seaside city, has fantastic views. The high hills with excellent roads are a sight to behold. You'll also enjoy the local cuisines that are a mixture of Arabic and Persian. Constantine Province is impressive with its high cliffs and traditional structures. It’s boasts beautiful architecture that has a heavy Roman influence. Since its a prehistoric city, it's a must-visit location in Algeria. You will be surprised by the lush vegetations of the Blida Province. Considering the other parts of the country are desert-like, you may confuse this vegetation with the Congo forests.

Do I need a passport or visa to fly to Algeria?

You would need a passport to travel to Algeria. Authorities at the airport use it to identify you before allowing you into the country. You will also need a valid visa card to enable you to access the country freely.

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