Things to do on a stopover in Perth

Previously bypassed for the likes of Sydney and Melbourne, Perth is becoming an increasingly popular destination for travel-goers due to its proximity to Asia. And with QANTAS launching non-stop Perth to London flights (search for them on, if you haven’t visited this west coast city before, you should hit it up for a cheeky stop-over before you head off to the UK. Ready for a whirlwind tour of Perth (and a bit of Fremantle)?

Ready? Set? Let’s roll…

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05:00 – 07:00 Wake up and stroll through King’s Park

You’ve only got one day and that, unfortunately, means you’ve got to wake up before the birds. But trust me, watching the sunrise in King’s Park is better than sleep. With picturesque views over the entire city, it’s an ideal place to take a deep breath before plunging headfirst into the day. Start slow by exploring the botanical gardens with some of WA’s best wildflowers. And because you’ve gotten up earlier than anyone else in the world, you deserve a treat. So it’s time to stroll into the city for something truly special.

07:00 – 09:00 Food stop Round 1

Wander from the gardens down towards the city. If you’re still not hungry enough, you can work up an appetite by climbing Jacob’s Ladder – the steep set of steps that your thighs can probably do without on a holiday, to be honest. But, enough of this exercise, we’ve got tasty food to eat. Now, the best-named café in Perth (maybe the world) is Toastface Grillah, named after the NWA rapper and if you haven’t already guessed, it makes grilled sandwiches. And they are really amazing. If you’re after a more sit down breakfast, try Tiisch, a few clicks down. It offers up some delectable scrumptious produce, including matcha pancakes. Your third choice is something a bit more traditional – Fast Eddy’s, which is a kitsch 24-hour diner that’ll fill your belly for the day ahead. They’re all within ten minutes of each other, so you could easily coffee in one and then walk to the other for food.

09:00 – 11:00 Feed your mind

After you’ve filled your stomach, fill your mind with culture. Perth is often overlooked when it comes to culture but if you head on over to the Perth Culture district you’ll not be sure why. Check out the Art Gallery of Western Australia, State Library, and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA). You’ll also find some inclusive exhibitions that don’t just appeal to art aficionados.

11:00 – 12:00 Retail therapy

Northbridge – right next to the cultural district – offers up a range of unique shops and services. You might have seen a lot of it before, but it really is amazingly done, with a chic vibe and some cool outdoor eating areas. If you want to reward yourself with a cheeky beer, head to the Northbridge Brewing Company – they do great pizzas too. And since you’ve been up since 5am, you probably deserve both. If it’s too early for a beer, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time.

12:00 – 16:00 Some free time in Fremantle

Now that you’ve got a flavour for Perth, it’s time to head down to Fremantle. The train station is right next to Northbridge and that’ll get you down to Fremantle in just about half-hour. Five minutes from the station, head down to the famed Cappuccino Strip, so named because of the area’s obsession with exceptional coffee. You’ll have little trouble finding somewhere to get a caffeine buzz. Despite the high concentrations of espressos, expect a much more chillaxed vibe than Perth as you saunter around the markets, drinking coffee, eating ice creams and catching a bit of lunch al fresco at one of the dozens of great restaurants. Then, if the weather is treating you right (it usually is), head down towards Bather’s Beach, stopping on your way at the Little Creatures Brewery and dip your feet into the Indian Ocean. Or, if you’d rather, check out the nearby markets. Spend as little or as long as you like in Fremantle, before heading back to the big smoke for a final dinner and a drink.

16:00 – 20:00 Food stop Round 2

You’ve been up for 12 hours already. What a trooper you are. If you’ve still got the energy when you get back to Perth, time to grab some food first. If you’re after something a bit memorable, head to Long Chim’s for some delicious (though a little pricey) Thai food. If you’re after Asian food that’s a little cheaper, check out Lucky Chan’s Laundry and Noodle Bar. For Italian, check out Francoforte for some generously portioned pasta or Comet Pizza for some great value slices. And for some truly sensational Indian vegetarian, head on over to Northbridge to find Govinda’s, where the most expensive dish on the menu is a $10 all you can eat buffet. Sensational.

From 20:00 Toast your trip

Phew, tired yet? What time’s your flight?! If you’ve still got time, have a nightcap at Bar Lafayette, which boasts a truly impressive mix of cocktails. Or if you just want one final view of the city, grab a craft beer atop the old Print Factory at the fantastic Bob’s Bar – it’s up there for Perth’s best rooftop bar. Then, grab a cab back to the airport. See ya later, Perth – it’s been short but sweet.

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