15 things anyone who’s ever travelled on Christmas Day knows to be true

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As every seasoned traveller knows, whether you’re jetting off to Brisbane or Bali, getting from A to B on December 25th is different from any other day of the year. From the almost-deserted departures lounge to the super-smiley staff – not to mention the price of the ticket in the first place (just have a look on Cheapflights website, where you might score a really cheap ticket to Europe or Asia) – things just aren’t quite the same when you travel on Christmas Day. Here are 15 truths you’ll know if you’ve been there and done it…

1. The airport security queue is like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. Where did everybody go?

2. It’s the same story in the departures lounge.

3. That’s a good thing because you’re getting the train to the airport and with the holiday timetable, it’ll take you eight times as long as usual. So now you can freak out in public without a ton of people watching.

4. But even if they do witness your public breakdown, everyone you meet today will be super-smiley on account of the fact that it’s Christmas.

5. And you can’t help but get caught up in the festive spirit too.

6. That’s until you realise loads of the airport shops are shut. How the heck are you going to kill time now?

7. But on the plus side, normal food rules don’t apply on December 25th. Especially when you’re travelling.

8. Aaaand, your flight tickets were dirt cheap (especially if you booked with Cheapflights.co.nz). You should probably celebrate.

9. That airport scene in Love Actually? It’s a real thing. You’ll find yourself hugging a random at some point.

10. If you’re travelling somewhere other than home for the holidays, you know that all 48 members of your extended family will cram into the front room to wish you Merry Christmas over Skype.

11. It will take them at least 15 minutes to work out how to use the iPad, and your great aunt Marjorie will stare blankly at it like it’s the devil’s work.

12. Your friends on Facebook will post photos from back home and you’ll feel all homesick for a second.

13. Then you’ll remember you packed a Santa hat, and that you’re travelling and they’re not, and you’ll feel all festive again.

14. You’ll post a selfie to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – just to make sure you get the message across. You might Snapchat it just to be sure.

15. You’ll decide that travelling on Christmas Day is pretty great. But no way are you about to let the rest of the world in on your secret.

Have you ever travelled on 25th December? Let us know your Christmas commuter stories in the comments section.

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