The 5 Best Burgers in Auckland. Photo by Robert S. Donovan

The 5 Best Burgers in Auckland

As a burger lover I understand how hard it can be to find something spectacular in an unfamiliar city.  A trip to Auckland won’t be complete until you have sampled some of this city’s finest burger eateries, and trust me, they some of are New Zealand’s finest.

Eat your heart out at these top 5 picks for the best burgers in Auckland.


Burger Burger – Ponsonby

Burger Burger is the new kid on the burger block after it recently opened up in one of Auckland’s trendiest dine out areas – Ponsonby Central.

Shaking up the burger scene, Burger Burger offers a colourful atmosphere and energetic space to dine in, but you’ll want to get in early to secure a table.

Their burgers range from being served in a lettuce leaf bun to a regular bun in a size that means all the filling isn’t going to spill out the sides.  It also boasts a drink menu that covers everything from Moet to that classic kiwi beer Lion Red.

Be prepared to experience one of the best burgers you have ever tried.

Best Burgers in Auckland: Burger Burger – Ponsonby. Photo by Burger Burger

Photo by Burger Burger


The Food Truck – Auckland Cityworks Depot

This eatery was made famous by award winning chef Michael Van de Elzen and his travelling food truck television series.

Now stationary in the heart of Auckland city, The Food Truck Garage restaurant offers a healthy take on many fast favourites including the burger and it is brilliant.

From vegetarian to pork, chicken and beef each pattie contains veggies or legumes making them deliciously healthy – a favourite of mine of mine is the Porkshroom.

Enjoy your burger in a fun and busy atmosphere and don’t forget to team it up with a side if chilli baked chips!


Handmade Burgers – Kingsland

Situated on the main street in Kingsland, this take out or dine in area is set on a street corner with an industrial feel.

The name of this burger joint is pretty self-explanatory as these buns boast delicious sauces with a meaty sized patties and everyday salad ingredients.

The blue bull burger is a must-try if you fancy blue vein cheese or if you are feeling hungry hands down the Kingpin burger is for you!


White Lady – Commerce Street

The White Lady is an iconic burger food truck and has been serving late night punters and party revelers since 1948.

As the longest running mobile food business in the country it is no wonder they have mastered the art of making classic burgers much to the joy of hungry Aucklanders.

The style is meaty and classic and they have used the same recipes since the fifties.


Velvet Burger – Fort Street

Another gourmet burger favourite, Velvet burger uses its quirky menu to please its burger loving patrons.

Focusing on local ingredients, vegetarians can enjoy the ‘Animal Rights’ burger with a Kumara (sweet potato) and coriander pattie while meat-lovers will be satisfied with The Stag – you guessed it, a venison burger – and The Big Bird which Velvet Burger claims was originally made from Moa meat (however many kiwis will tell you that this iconic and giant bird was extinct a very long time ago) and now uses a grilled chicken breast to make a superb chicken burger.

If you like your burger with extra sauce and fine NZ meat be sure to give it a visit.

Best Burgers in Auckland: Velvet Burger – Fort Street. Photo by Velvet Burger

Photo by Velvet Burger

Featured image by Robert S. Donovan

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