15 reasons to visit Australia’s West Coast this year

Western Australia’s bragging rights come in the form of yawning beaches, kooky port towns, and unblemished natural parks. Want specifics? Here are a few reasons to beeline to Australia’s largest state this year…

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1. It’s home to the world’s biggest inner city park

Measuring 1,003 acres, King’s Park in western Perth comes close to making New York’s Central Park look like an allotment.

2. It’s got beaches on top of beaches

The coast of Western Australia is lined by runways of blindingly white sand. Among the most popular are Floreat, Cottesloe and City Beach.

3. It’s got Freo

Just half an hour from Perth, Freo, aka Freemantle, is a quirky port city. It’s the place to go for frothy coffees, craft beers, artisan food, and one-of-a-kind boutiques.

photo credit: Robert Young via Flickr

4. It’s got the quokka

Native to Rottnest Island, a short ferry ride from Freemantle port, the quokka is even cuter than a pug puppy.

photo credit: Adrien Lamotte via Flickr

5. You can hang out with miniature penguins

Located just off the coast of Rockingham (south of Perth), Penguin Island is home to 1,500 ‘little penguins’; the no-nonsense name of the smallest species of penguins in the world.

6. There are more than 200 wineries

Margaret River, three hours south of Perth, produces some of Australia’s best red wines and you can go tasting at most of the region’s vineyards. Hiccup.

photo credit: Robert Young via Flickr

7. You can sleep in the wineries

Vineyard accommodation in Western Australia includes boutique hotels and plush spa retreats like Empire Retreat and Spa.

photo credit: @orlando_media

8. It’s leaky with waterfalls

In the wet season, the national parks of Western Australia spring more than a few leaks. Some of the best waterfalls include 50-metre tall Lesmurdie Falls and the twin falls at King George River.

photo credit: Keiron via Flickr

9. You can picnic, sleep, repeat

Western Australia is dotted with picnic spots, like Wooroloo Brook, where water brooks babble and wildflowers show their faces in spring.

10. It’s got a natural sculpture park

Two hours north of Perth you’ll find The Pinnacles – hundreds of natural limestone formations that rise like stalagmites out of the desert.

11. It’s dense with rooftop bars

Many of Perth’s bars serve sides of sky with their drinks. The largest is thought to be The Nest, other options include Henry’s and Sherry at The Flour Factory.

photo credit: @theflourfactory

12. Its coral reef gives Cairns a run for its money

More than 1,000 miles north of Perth, the Ningaloo Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Scuba divers here can spot whale sharks and manta rays among the kaleidoscopic colours of the Ningaloo Reef.

13. You can do your own stunts here

Western Australia is a heartland for extreme sports. You can skydive in places like Rockingham and Margaret River and go off-roading in 4x4s in the outback.

14. It’s home to the land that time forgot

The rusty red rock faces of Karijini National Park have been weathered over the course of 2,500 million years. You can hike through gorges here, stopping at points like Oxers Lookout to drink it all in.

15. It hosts the Truffle Kerfuffle

The annual Truffle Kerfuffle Festival takes place every June in Manjimup, three hours and 20 minutes south of Perth. Visitors go truffle hunting and take part in dining experiences with high profile chefs.

photo credit: Anthony Georgeff via Flickr

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