24 hours in Hong Kong

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It’s official, from 10th of November this year we can fly to Hong Kong directly without breaking the bank. Hong Kong Airlines are launching a new route to New Zealand in hope to boost the tourism in both countries. It’s also a great opportunity to bag a cheap flight from Hong Kong to Asia, Europe and beyond.

Fast-paced, business-heavy and culturally rich, Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most fascinating melting pots. From the mountains and the picturesque harbour to bustling restaurants and an impressive collection of museums, explore the best of what the city offers with this 24-hour guide to Hong Kong.

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6am Tai Chi

Hong Kong inhabitants wake early, especially those who practice the fluid and graceful movements of Tai Chi. Embrace your visitor guise and head to Victoria Park at sunrise to watch this beautifully choreographed form of martial art.

24 hours in Hong Kong 2

8am Breaking the fast

Jump on a ferry and head to Kowloon to refuel with a Chinese breakfast at the iconic Kam Wah Café. Renowned for their sweet tasting pineapple bun with butter, they also serve up delicious egg tarts and milk tea.

photo credit: @jolztx
photo credit: @jolztx

10am Visit the bird markets

A sight that is unique to Hong Kong, the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is a daily event where stalls run by quirky old men are set up showcasing stunning live songbirds. Magical, exotic and worth a look!

24 hours in Hong Kong 3

12pm History class

History buffs can’t miss the spectacular Hong Kong Museum of History. With works spread over 8,000 square metres of floorspace, this city attraction preserves the island’s colourful history and showcases its development throughout the centuries.

24 hours in Hong Kong 4

2pm See food and eat it

Dine alfresco on mouth-watering seafood at Chui Wo Lee and wash it all down with a beer. This 24-hour restaurant is tucked away in Kowloon and is a firm local favourite for its tasty fried squid balls.

24 hours in Hong Kong 5

3pm Walk with the stars

Whilst in the Kowloon district, wander down to the waterfront and along the Avenue of Stars. This strip stretches over 400 metres and is dedicated to movie stars–like the infamous Kung Fu master Bruce Lee–and the local film industry.

24 hours in Hong Kong 6

4pm Ride a Chinese junk

All aboard! Set sail from Kowloon on a Chinese junk and explore Victoria Harbour on the water. These traditional boats give keen explorers the opportunity to unwind whilst taking in the dazzling cityscape from a different angle. Hop off at Central.

24 hours in Hong Kong 7

6pm Sunset at The Peak

For a stunning sunset view of Hong Kong’s bustling metropolis and harbour, head to Victoria’s Peak otherwise affectionately known as The Peak. This spectacular viewpoint can be reached with the help of the Peak Tram, which climbs over 350 metres in under 10 minutes. Don’t forget the camera!

24 hours in Hong Kong 8

8pm Take in a spectacular light show

Hailed as the world’s most impressive permanent light show, A Symphony of Lights dazzles onlookers every night at 8pm. Beeline to the Golden Bauhinia Square for a prime position.

Hong Kong China

9pm Dine on dim sums

Hong Kong offers a smorgasbord of culinary havens for the well-informed foodie, but good food doesn’t have to be expensive. Order dim sums at Tim Ho Wan and you’ll dine on Michelin starred cuisine without breaking the bank.

24 hours in Hong Kong 10

10pm Party on in Soho

If travelling with a hangover sounds passable in exchange for a fun night, then hitting up the chic bars in the sophisticated Soho is totally worth it! Mingle with a trendy crowd at the coolest albeit pricey lounge bar, The Woods, or grab a seat and sip on innovative cocktails at the industrial-style Little L.A.B. Don’t leave without tasting the seriously good HK Tea Time.

Nightlife in Hong Kong

2am Sleep well

Rest your head on the cloud-like pillows at the beautifully boutique and conveniently located Pottinger Hong Kong. This luxury hotel sits on the city’s oldest stone slab street and is worth the splurge.

Hong Kong China City Skyline

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