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Useful Travel Apps

We’re sharing these useful, fun and free apps to help you get the most out of your getaway. After finding your flight with Cheapflights you’ll be able to plan your itinerary, kill time at the airport and enjoy your destination like a clued-in local.

Before you fly

Want to check out which friend to visit or learn a bit of the local language? Fed up with having to juggle emails confirmations, booking references and itineraries? We’ve picked three of the best free apps around to help you out before you take to the skies.



Language learning has never been this fun – or addictive! More like a game than a language class, you won’t even realise you’re learning. Available in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. Fun, interactive, easy to use, no ads and totally free.


Keep all your travel plans in one place with TripIt. All you need to do is forward all your hotel, airline, rental, restaurant and activity confirmation emails to and the app puts everything together in one handy itinerary. Easy to use and free.

Friend Compass

Friend Compass, a nifty feature of the Momondo flight search app, connects Facebook users with flight searches to their friends' destinations. Using mobile phone GPS technology to create a real working compass, the app serves cheap flights and a wealth of fascinating, fun trivia.

At the airport

Make the most of your time at the airport. Discover the best places to eat, keep track of real time flight information, and save articles and stories for offline reading. We’ve got the best free apps to keep you busy while you’re waiting to board.



iFly has airports covered. The world's largest airport app is loaded with need-to-know information so travellers can make the best use of their time. Restaurants, Wi-Fi, transport, hotel listings and downloadable maps (plus a flight tracker in the Pro version) are all available at 700+ airports.

Gate Guru

Covering over 204 airports across US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, GateGuru provides all the flight and airport information you need to manage your entire day of travel. GateGuru provides real-time flight info and airport content customised to fit your itinerary.


Keep all your content from across the Web in one place with Pocket. Save articles, videos and more so you can read them later. No need to worry about having a Wi-Fi connection – you can access all your saved materials offline.

On the plane

Whether flying out or headed home, these free apps will make the hours in the air whizz by. Create collages of all the photos you took on your trip, keep up to date with the latest news and get stuck into a great book as you cruise the skies.


Pic Stitch

Relive your trip on the flight home with this photo collage creation app. Choose a design, add photos, then save your masterpiece to your phone’s photo album or post it to your social networks via Wi-Fi.

BBC News

Get the latest news from around the world on the go. Download and update stories when you have an internet connection and everything ready to read offline. Works on a range of mobile devices, easy to use, no ads, and free.


Keep up to date with your reading even if you're at 35,000 feet. Kindle has more than 1,000 books and hundreds of magazines, newspapers and periodicals in its store. Download the app, shop when you have WIFI and read when you're in the air.

Getting around

Need to find a Wi-Fi connection, the nearest bank or coffee shop? Want to keep in touch with friends while away? Use these handy free apps while you’re out on the road to make travelling a breeze.



Text or call friends and family from anywhere in the world with just a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Viber lets you keep in touch with your contacts, even giving travelers the ability to send photo and video messages.

Wi-Fi Finder

Find free or paid Wi-Fi spots quickly and easily. More than 650,000 locations in 144 countries. Filter results by location (cafe, bar, hotel, etc.) or provider type. Download the locations offline, so you can stay connected when you are on the road.


Need to find the nearest ATM, coffee shop or hospital, want to find a movie theatre or somewhere to eat? AroundMe allows you to quickly find out information about your current surroundings.